Feature Tour

The features of School Seating Charts are designed to be time effective and easy to use. Explore the main features you will encounter as you create your first chart!

Step 1: Create a Classroom Layout

Our drag-and-drop classroom layout designer is intuitive and makes it easy to create a seating chart to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom.

Snap to Grid

Arrange or align an entire classroom in minutes. It's like digital graph paper!

Rotate to Collaborate

Easily rotate desks to make the perfect group arrangements for collaboration.

Instant Layout

Use the design layout tool to quickly generate the number of desks needed.

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Step 2: Create a Roster

Our drag-and-drop roster management tool makes it easy to manage your talkers and workers more effectively.

Quick Roster Creation

Quickly add any number of students to a roster. To remove a name, simply click the corresponding 'x' on the roster.

Encourage Engagement

Separate talkers and encourage hard working students to collaborate. Drag student names into 'talkers' or 'workers' categories to inform our placement algorithm.

Rapid Revisions

Did you notice a mistake in your layout? No problem! Return to previous steps by clicking the step name on the main menu.

Step 3: Create a Seating Chart

Your layout and roster combine to generate the perfect seating chart! The seating chart features are designed to save you time and give you the final say in classroom seating arrangements.

Random Assignment

Mix things up! Keep clicking 'Randomize Chart' until you like what you see. The 'talkers' will be kept apart and the 'workers' will be grouped together.

Alphabetical Assignment

Alphabetical assignment will ignore 'talkers' and 'workers' settings to generate a predictable arrangement.

The Perfect Chart

You know your students best! After a chart is generated, you can edit the arrangement by dragging individual student names to a different desk.

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All new customers enjoy a zero obligation trial. No credit card is required to sign up.